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Ultralingua can use any loaded dictionary from the wide range they offer
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Ultralingua is a dictionary manager for Windows.
Under a single engine, Ultralingua can use any loaded dictionary from the wide range they offer, as the following ones: English Dictionary & Thesaurus, French Dictionary & Thesaurus, French-English Translation Dictionary, French-English Medical Dictionary, Spanish-English Translation Dictionary, German-English Translation Dictionary, Italian-English Translation Dictionary, Portuguese-English Translation Dictionary, Latin-English Translation Dictionary, French-Spanish Translation Dictionary, French-Italian Translation Dictionary, French-German Translation Dictionary, Spanish-German Translation Dictionary, Spanish-Portuguese Translation Dictionary, Esperanto-English Translation Dictionary.

Each dictionary module is a complete language reference, including tens of thousands of indexed entries. Conjugation information is provided for each language.

The interfase is very simple. You enter the word to look for, chose your preferred module, and then the "Go" button. The program will bring you the definition of the given word and, depending on the module selected, the translation. You can see the conjugation of the verbs pressing the "Conjugation" button.

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